visual jigsaw provides creative solutions to the visual effects and post-production issues that so often cost productions both time and money


visual jigsaw helps make your vision a reality

we understand production

Our wealth of experience means we understand the limitations and pressures commonly faced in Post Production roles, such as;

  • Increasing pressure from Producers and Networks to see mock-ups of VFX in screenings.
  • Fixed editing schedules are too often time-crunched causing extra stress and sub-standard VFX work.
  • Making expensive edit decisions in the Online, because the timing was not right in the Offline (no VFX mock-up).

visual jigsaw will eliminate these inefficiencies through:

  • Providing conceptual VFX mock ups for Producer and Network screenings. 
  • Early checking and corrections of your VFX, which means not having to compromise on the quality of VFX, producing the best results within your time and budget.


Working with visual jigsaw means a reduction of pressure during the Post Production process,
replacing the adequate with the exceptional.

what we do

  • Ensure your final product is more closely aligned to your original concept.
  • Facilitate the highest level of communication between all parties. 
  • Keep your VFX on time and on budget*.
  • Provide VFX Editing for Film, Television & Opening Titles. 
  • Create a detailed blue print of your VFX, determining the most effective, economical and efficient way to complete the effect. 
  • Streamline post production VFX processes. 

about us

Belinda Fithie began her career in Post Production in 1993 straight out of TAFE, starting as a Tape Operator / Offline Editor at The Facility. It was here she worked on her first television series, the iconic Australian comedy ‘Frontline’, for Working Dog.

With almost 30 years’ experience in all facets of television and feature films, she is highly regarded and respected in the industry.


  • Creating temporary VFX to be used in Offline.
  • Checking all VFX are marked up and have an I.D.
  • Liaising extensively with Production / Post Production as required.
  • Attending VFX spot sessions to ‘free up’ Post Production Supervisor.
  • Creating VFX turnover sheets and delivering elements to all creative parties, including visual reference boards.
  • Maintaining the focus required on VFX tasks from beginning to end, whether that be in a full-time or part-time capacity.
  • Quality Assessment of all returned VFX to ensure they are not only technically correct, but also meet the brief as requested (with the ability to identify and rectify any problems quickly and efficiently).
  • Keeping all parties updated, from the initial brief all the way through to the final product.
  • Ensuring that VFX arrive at your Post House on time, and that the correct version is always used in the Conform, Online & Grade.
  • Delivering the best quality VFX possible within the designated timeframe and budget available.

specific options


  • Creating temporary mock-ups for the Offline. 
  • Mark up all VFX requirements and give them ID. 
  • Attend VFX Spots. 
  • Make notes at the VFX spots about requirements, inclusions, exclusions, etc. 
  • Create VFX Turnover Sheets. 
  • Organise with the Post House to turn over the elements to the VFX Artists. 
  • Ensure VFX Artist have everything they need. 
  • Track incoming VFX. 
  • Check VFX are technically correct and meet the brief. 
  • Return, if necessary, to VFX Artist or forward to Post House, all while tracking accordingly. 
  • Keep all parties in the loop at all phases of the process. 
  • Ensure when all VFX are delivered that the Post House has all correct versions in the timeline ready for the Colourist to Grade. 
  • Keep accurate tracking records of what has gone where, and when it is due to return.


  • Briefing. 
  • Elements collated and provided to vendor, in correct format. 
  • Document iteration requirements. 
  • Keep all parties who need to sign-off informed. 
  • When signed off, ensure VFX are delivered correctly to your Post House in the format and colour-space required.


“”Belinda was a pleasure to deal with whilst we were working across several hundred VFX shots on Halifax | Retribution at Blue Post Production. This could quite easily have become a a real headache without the right VFX Editor overseeing the process. She was across it all, from shoot right through to the final delivery and was only too happy to offer her ideas and years of wisdom at the drop-off a hat. It made the entire job a real joy to work on.””

Jamie Scott – VFX Artist

“Belinda was not only a total pleasure to work with on Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears, but she also pulled us out of many tight spots and hurdles we would otherwise have run into. Belinda is professional, level-headed, with an eye for the smallest detail. She was extremely diligent and caring of her role, and was always equipped with a sense of humour and a solution to every problem, even during the hardest of workflows and turnarounds.”

Every Cloud Productions

“Belinda Fithie has worked with me over the past five in many roles; Post Supervisor, Editor and VFX Editor. As a Colourist it is always reassuring knowing that she will be part of the post-production team. In her most recent role as VFX Editor on Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears her many skills combined to make her extremely thorough and knowledgeable. Such professionalism and experience combine to ensure production companies will save a great deal of time and stress and undoubtedly help with their ever-tightening budgets.”

Deidre McClelland, CSI – Colourist

“Belinda’s professionalism and years of experience made the post production of Miss Fisher & the Crypt of Tears a breeze. She made the VFX turnover process seamless for our team, and her attention to detail meant accurate and efficient workflows from both editorial and VFX. She is fabulous to work with, and I’m always delighted to hear when she is involved in our next project.”

Gemila Iezzi – Soundfirm

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The budget is the responsibility of the production. visual jigsaw takes no responsibility should the budget go over at any given time during the production.